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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

Guy Savoy

Hello everyone!

I had been away from my blog too long. But I am happy to come back to write about my special trip to Paris.

Since I love cooking for my family and friends, I also enjoy experiencing restaurants I am interested in. So I usually research and read reviews just to make sure that restaurant would be the one I would like to experience.

Paris is always such a special place for everyone. And of course for me, more than anyone else, I can say. I always get so much inspirations by everything.

I really fortunately could go to the Micheline 3 stars restaurant, Guy Savoy this time with my husband as our special anniversary. Their service, their presentation, their menu, quality of each ingredient, colors, textures, sauce and timing…etc…etc…there was nothing I could miss.

I appreciated every single thing they brought to our table. And I was wondering how many hours they spent for this one dish, one sauce, and one dessert!

I sometimes cook 5 courses for the special occasion dinner and I usually spend 3 days for that completed preparation. I usually clean my kitchen perfectly and also clean inside of refrigerator for keeping lots of space to storage the sauce for each dish, pre cooked dishes, and dessert.

Cooking is just like painting. I need to make my kitchen as a white canvas to start thinking about menu. I usually start writing down all ingredients I want to use for my cooking. Then I start thinking how I cook. Warm? Cold? As an appetizer? As a main? Or between them??

With this way, I can think about the portion how much I want to prepare for the whole table.

Then I sit in the front of the white paper, I start drawing the image for each dish with thinking about flavor, texture and colors.

Then I choose my plates for 5 courses and looking each plate to see the whole picture of my cooking presentation.

At last, I go to the Whole Foods and see what is the most fresh one on that day. I many times change my plan since I find the fresh ingredient by chance and I get so excited with a better idea and inspiration for thinking about new dish I can create.

These are only preparation part even before start cooking. Cooking part would be 2 separated day. I always want to enjoy cooking without being stressed out. So I divide the process as pre cooking part and last minute finishing up part.

So it has to be very organized in my head until I completely finish serving my last dessert.

With these all my points of view about cooking, I learned so much from that night. Such a special gift I rarely can have.

After amazing dinner, chef Guy Savoy came to our table as the second time to make a greeting after the meal. Since I had been so overwhelmed with his talent, I asked him to take a photo with us. Then he smiled at me and told me to come with him to his kitchen.

I and my husband were so honored that he let us into his special place. I was so happy to be there with him. I didn’t want to forget that exciting moment with this top chef I absolutely respect so I came back to write about it here! I am admiring chef like him, with a long path he probably came through with tremendous efforts. And even getting Micheline 3 starts, how hard to keep it another years with the perfection he makes with his whole team.

I am so thankful and grateful for the special night. I truly appreciate everything I experienced. And thank you to my husband for bringing me to this special place.

I am expecting the guests from Europe next weekend. For my husband’s wine business partners who knows great food. Now I am not nervous, I am so excited that I can try my best to make them happy!

Merci, Guy Savoy,

Merci, Paris!

You never made me disappointed 🙂

Happy cooking!

Yuko from Yuko’s Kitchen

Anyone who is very curious about this chef, please check this out!