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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

Special Spring Dinner

Hello, everyone!

I am just writing this after the special dinner which I entertained with 5 course menu last night. I spent 3 days for this preparation to make sure that everything is organized and prepared for enjoying the company.

Cooking presentation is all about timing but I also would like to join their conversation and enjoy the time together. For making this possible, I usually take my time in advance.

I was sitting at the table with my company with looking at each happy face. Since they are all from our wine business who knows so much about wine and food. I really appreciate their focusing on eating each dish and loved their comments. It is so much fun when we can focus on food and wine!

We talked about the history of food and wine, the origin of the name…etc…etc…it went to world wide!

I felt so grateful that I have this family through our wine business. The relationship we make is always all up to us. I cherish this people and I wanted to have them all together with surrounding our dining table:)

Eating homemade dinner with special wines together gave us the new great bond and I was so happy to see the photo we took before they went back to home.

One happy Friday evening with so much laughing in our dining room. That’s all I was picturing while I was cooking. Pouring the positive energy to each dish is the most important part of my cooking:)

I am going to clean my kitchen with wishing that this positive energy will stay in their each spirit and it ‘ll keep us connected greatly!

Always cooking with love,