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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

From Yuko’s Kitchen


This is the time we thank to our everyday life with family, friends, and everything we fortunately have for our peaceful life.  The life is so precious and so fragile. I always believe that each meal we cook for family, friends or someone brings a little happiness around the table with some conversations, smiles, relieves and maybe tears sometimes in our good days and bad days.

I would like to thank you to you all who have visited my site, who signed up for my cooking classes, and who actually tried some recepies from here.

Enjoy your cooking time, enjoy being in the kitchen with helping someone who is charge of cooking ( that person would really appreciate that help!) and enjoy the whole process for this special gathering.

*Click on Yuko’s Kitchen which is on the top of the page to find your recipe for cooking;)

Happy Thanksgiving week with starting your preparation for cooking or packing and most importantly…. have a very safe travel to the place where you will gather at with your loved ones, everyone!


Cooking always with your heart,

With  Love & Peace,



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