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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

Mushroom & Potato Gratin


How are you everyone?

I don’t know why but I have been feeling exhausted and I don’t have much energy for anything.

Sometimes we have that kind of days, all we need is chilling out.

This is the dish that my mom used to be making for that kind of the day for us.



1 big sweet onion, 1 pack of mushrooms, 1 big potato, butter, milk, heavy cream, cheddar cheese. panko.

1)Minch 1 big sweet onion and sauté with 1 big table spoon of butter until they get nice light brown.

2)Minch the whole pack of mushrooms with your food professor and add to 1) with another 1 big table spoon of butter and sauté well until mushrooms paste get well cooked.

3)Add 3 or 4 big table spoon of flour into 3) and mix well. If you feel it looks too dry, add a bit more butter into it.

4) Add 4 cups of milk little by little into 3) with mixing slowly but really well with low heat. It is supposed to be thick as the white sauce for your gratin.

5) Once the sauce gets thick, add a half cup of heavy cream to make the sauce richer and more mild.

6)Add 2 big table spoon of chicken stock into 5). Mix well and stop the heat. Try to taste it if you need more salt or pepper. Add some if you think you would like.

6)Peel the potato and cut half size. Boil them until they get well cooked.

7)Slice boiled potato.

8)Put one tea spoon of butter into the bottom of your pyrex and place those sliced potatoes underneath.  Add the white sauce you have made such as 6) on it. Cover with cheddar cheese as the topping and at last put some panko on the cheddar cheese.

9)Heat oven as  380F and put 8) for 20-30 mins until you see the cheddar cheese and panko gets nice light brown as you see in my photo.

This goes really well with macaroni pasta. You can also boil them and you can mix with this sauce! For adult, A couple of white wine is your MUST HAVE!!

Enjoy the meal which makes you relax! This dish also smells really great when you are cooking;) I’m sure it will make your family or friends happier when they get home and open the door.

Charge your energy for the busy holiday season. Try not to be stress out;) Because that’s supposed to be the most wonderful season. Enjoy everything as much as you can! ….and stay healthy with good balance:)