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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

Halloween Party At Yuko’s Kitchen

Hope you all who are reading this blog had a fun Halloween night.

I had a party at my house and we had a wonderful time together. Preparing food is such a fun process with thinking about our guests. I always try to think what they would like to eat, which wines we are opening, how the collaboration with wine & food are, what kind of party style we will have,(sit or stand)there are so many things I might want to think about in advance.

I was too busy to take photos of my dishes so I missed taking pictures some which you don’t see here. I tried to make most of all as a finger size for making easy to eat and bite for our guests.

Once again, cooking is always with love. Such a best way to express..The happy conversations with smiles I hear and I see when my guests are enjoying our food & wine really makes me happy:)

Rest well everyone after fun Saturday since we gained one extra hour!