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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

Spring Soup


February has been very cold and many people have been coughing for long time.

I especially try to think how I can make our body warmer with a lot to Vitamins.

Also our children are growing everyday and I want to make sure if they get enough calcium to make their born strong.

I made this soup for our starter of dinner this week.


6 or 7 cut steamed 2 inches size broccoli (has to be really soft)

6 or 7 cups of milk

an half of sweet onion

2 cloves of garlic

3 table-spoon of chicken soup stock

1 table-spoon of butter

sauté sliced sweet onion and chopped garlic with butter in the deep pot.

Add already very soft steamed broccoli into it.

Add 1 table-spoon of chicken soup stock.

sauté well..

Add 6 or 7 cups of milk into the pot and cook with medium heat and add 2 table-spoon of chicken soup stock.

Cook soup until onion and broccoli get very soft.

Pour into Juice Mixer (*Mine is Vitamix, strongly recommend this mixer!! Very professional and it makes any soup amazingly smoothly!!)

If you love having croton like me, cut a sliced of bread as cube size and fry with canola oil until they get light brown;)


Hope you are getting good vitamins from green veritable and also good calcium since February has less sunshine.