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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

Homemade Dumplings


Hello, everyone!

I am making dumplings right now after I promised with my family that I am going to do it for tonight, it is going to be freezing cold, which is just perfect night for eating dumplings!

This dumpling receipt has been taken over from my grandmother for 3 generations. Not only myself, my cousins, even their husbands and our children are able to make it now.

I remember that I started helping with wrapping dumplings when I was a first grader. My grandmother let me sit right next to her and tought me how to do it. Since I always loved chatting with my “Grandma”, I was more than happy to sit right next to her and chat with her. That’s how I learned how to make this dumpling.

Well, once I got older, whenever I helped my mom, I just couldn’t process this without chatting, I mean too much chatting..my mom said…. “Move your hands more than your tongue!!.

We have a family rule about dumplings. Anyone who wants to be happy with eating our dumplings MUST help wrapping. It is the pain if you have to wrap 100 dumplings (that’s I always make!) all by yourself without any chatting.

So we always sit together, we always have a great conversation while we all attend to this wrapping process, which is the very important part of this receipt, which my grandma meant to have taught us….yes, this is priceless;)

Brrrr, It’s cold outside! Can’t wait to eat them and get warm!!





  1. The dumplings look divine!