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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

Potato and Beef Croquette


This croquette was the one of my favorite dinner dish when I was growing up. My mom always asked me & my younger brother what we wanted to request for dinner. This was on my top 1 of my list always and I used to get so excited all day when she told me that she was going to make croquettes for dinner.

Since I left my parents house for college when I was 18, I  remembered I missed her croquet so much..I called her and she explained how to cook over the phone. Good thing was that she always let me help to cook no matter how busy I was with any other excuses. So I even didn’t think I remembered whole process of cooking, it was easy to remember once I started cooking!

I can’t count how many times I have made this croquettes for my family and friends since then.

I sometimes make as one bite size for the party. I always fried them right before I serve.

Friends and family are just enjoying wines and conversations, I love serving my mom’s croquettes very crispy & hot outside and very mild & soft inside, then I want them to eat right away!

The feeling I always got from my mom’s croquettes before (exciting!) and after eating ( satisfying!) will be taken over by my children. ( I hope!)


I would like to share with you how you cook this dish.

I will update all photos of the cooking process with this special dish very soon!!  Have a wonderful long weekend;)



  1. Your mother’s croquettes are delicious! I am sure the boys will love them as you do – forever.

  2. Yuko Tobari says


    • yukodecoadmin says

      悠子ちゃん、コメントどうもありがとう!覗いてくださって、とても嬉しいです!!Mother & Daughterのcooking time,一生の中で限られた貴重な時間だから、大事に楽しんでね!またいつでも覗きに遊びに来てくださったら、嬉しいです。ありがとう〜!