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This appetizer is perfect with a glass of white wine!

One Weekday Dinner..


One weekday at 5pm..I was not feeling like cooking dinner. But I know my hungry people are coming home in one hour.

I opened the refregirator to check what I have.

I took out..

One pack of chicken(8 peaces of thighs), mix salad, edamame, one pack of mushroom and one onion.

Let’s cook 2 dishes with them!

Garlic mushroom cream sauce pasta— Sauté sliced mushroom (whole pack) and sliced an half of onion with chopped of 2 cloves of garlic with olive oil.  Once they get very well cooked, add concentrated chicken soup stock ( one big table spoon) and mix well. Add 2 table spoon of left over white wine only if you have. (no problem at all if you don’t have it.)

Put them into food professor and make them as the paste sauce. Add heavy cream (one half of cup ) and mix again. Boil your favorite pasta. Meanwhile, put one table spoon of butter on the pan and melt it, add mushroom sauce into it and make the sauce warm to be ready for mixing aldente pasta. Add black pepper if you would like.


Chicken Sauté with Edamame & Shiso Herb  — Put one table spoon of butter on heated pan, sauté cut chicken as your size you like, add chicken soup stock (one tea spoon) and pepper until when chickens get well cooked. Add cooked edamame (boiled 5 minis) and cut Shiso herb (10 leaves). So easy!

It is almost 6pm!  Phew, dinner is ready;) My family are just getting home…already I can hear..

“I ‘m so sturbing!! What is dinner for tonight?!”