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Family Tree (2019)

Standing in the front of a big tree. You see roots reaching under the ground. Roots that go wider and deeper to everywhere. When they go down into the earth, there is a powerful energy of the Mother Earth. It gives you a great confidence such as the deep love.

Roots are our ancestors. They dedicated their lives with their tremendous efforts. Now they are gone, but the spirits and energy they created are still there in roots. For keeping us as a trunk of tree to stand strong no matter what kind of the weather we are facing.

Branches are our next generations. They grow high and wide as if they can reach to the sky when the sun smiles and the wind sings.

As if we are the trunk of tree, we cannot stand without our roots.

As if our next generations are branches, they cannot grow without our trunk.

As if our ancestors are roots, they cannot put down their roots without facing the sun’s nourishing light to the brunches.

That energy is positive and open to the universe as long as there is the great connection in this precious circle of life.

“Family Tree”.

Hope your Love and Light will continue staying in your family tree for the next generation for their bright future.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.



  1. Love the painting, love the text. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Dearest Yuko,
    Your eloquent words speak the universal truth of connectivity between all beings (past and future), nature, and the galaxy great reminder for all of us during the Thanksgiving holiday of gratitude. We have infinite blessings and gifts to be grateful for and your friendship is a treasure that I cherish.

    Your painting is breathtaking!